The idea was to create contacts with key personnel for these young drivers pursuing their careers forward. The drivers participating in this were 16-year-old Jere Kalliokoski, now moving from karting and national rallying to rallycross; the two youngsters, Jaro Kinnunen and Samuli Vuorisalo, now competing in the Finnish rally championship and finally, Sami Sarjula, whose hobby rallying is. The RSD team also visited the rally training school of the two-time German rally champion, Armin Schwarz. The drivers got important tips with now only Schwarz as their co-driver, but also last year’s German rally champion Mark Wallenwein.

On top of the training, the trip also consisted on some not-so-serious sports. At the first stop in Ruka at Riipisen Riistaravintola, a rally simulator competition was held for the public by Matti Alamäki and his X-R’cer simulator. Nearly 30 people attended wanting to try-out their rally skills. The simulator competition was also held at the second stop in Saariselkä at Hotel Läänihovi. This time the turn-up wasn’t that big, but the RSD team, Schwarz, Wallenwein and Alamäki got into a friendly but tight competition. The best simulator rally drivers turned out to be the the owner Matti Alamäki and Samuli Vuorisalo, that clocked in the exact same time. Matti, as the owner, naturally had a bit of an advantage. The toughest opponent was Mark Wallenwein just a few seconds behind the Finns.

The trip organizer RSD Racing Finland’s chief of operations, Raimo Skog and the rest of the team want to thank Riipisen Riistaravintola and Hotel Läänihovi for their excellent service, food and accommodation. Special thanks to also Top Safaris for their memorable snow-mobile safari.