RSD Racing Finland and Armin Schwarz have agreed on August 7th 2018 to provide education in rallying, and this will be executed by Armin Schwarz Rally & Driving Experience. The Fiinnish driver-trainees are Nico Valkonen and Riku Rantasalo, who have been selected by RSD Racing Finland, based on their achievements in competitions, other attributes and also through interviews. Alongside the training and mentoring, Armin Schwarz also opens paths through his contacts to enable young protege’s advancing on their careers, making it easier to enter foreign rallies, such as ADAC Opel Rallye Cup in Germany. Mr. Schwarz also has a training-program for young, promising German talents, to whom RSD Racing Finland has agreed to arrange education and training here in Finland in order to advance their abilities on gravel-surface, and via that, hopefully help to promote their careers, too. Further information & Media: Armin Schwarz