Internship in Lapland, Tuuri, Kauhajoki or in Germany

Via our cooperation partner and with the help of self-activity of the students, we all found a facility for work-training in the motorsport-field. As the word got around, eventually there were more places to execute such a training, than there were trainees. Two o students started their rehearsal in Lapland already in January, whilst the others began theirs on March 2nd 2020.

Point of view by the students

We are two 3rd-year students from Seinäjoki, studying to graduate automotive- and work-machine -technical engineers. We both posses a basis on the professional school and a few years of work-experience prior to studying at the university of applied science. We have joined the entity of studies of RSD Motorsport Engineer; this motorsport-engineer -package covers approximately a quarter of our studies. The entity provides a fair chance to study in order to become an engineer, and to position yourself finally into the world of motorsport. Teachings are operated by true experts of their fields, who reveal the tasks required from an engineer, whether be it working in a race-team or in a racing components -manufacturer. Due to Covid-19, the rehearsals for Germany at Team Rosberg will currently proceed as remote-studies from Finland, but we do hope to return to Germany in order to complete our interesting trainings there.


Ari Saunamäki, lecturer of automotive- and work-machine technic
Jaakko Alanko and Felix Haapajoki, auto17