RSD organized some training for two young promising rallye-candidates by Armin Schwarz Rally & Driving Experience at Levi, Lapland. Staff of RSD followed the results of 8 young drivers during the season 2017 and by the end of that season, 5 of them were invited to an interview. Additionally, they were asked to draft a presentation about themselves and about their plans for future, and advancing in the rallying-career. Finally, only 2 guys took the opportunity and arrived to the interviews, and also travelled to he training-sessions in North of Finland.

Mr. Schwarz scheduled the rehearsals into a one-day package, consisting of manouvering the car, making their own pace notes and also driving according those own pace notes. The Master himself was watching and guiding the students from the co-driver’s seat, providing some essential tips and instructions, without forgetting to give some positive ‘thumbs up’ and suggestions on how to make improvements.

RSD Racing Finland has also previously arranged similar events, but the chosen drivers are meant to be forwarded on their careers as a long-term plan in co-operation with mr. Schwarz. The names of the drivers and further info about the co-operation between mr. Schwarz, team RSD and the drivers will happen at some later point, when the plans are completed by all parties.